How do I export my Madmetrics data to Google Data Studio?

Connect to Madmetrics KPI by Keyade directly in a Google Data Studio report and visualise your data.

The Data Studio Connector makes it easy for you to access all your Madmetrics data directly from Google Data Studio. Data from all the ad accounts views that you have connected to Madmetrics is available, and it is combined together using the same Dimensions that you have already set up in your Madmetrics Account.

To get access to the DataStudio connector your Madmetrics account needs to be enabled for DataStudio access. Please contact your Account Executive or if you don’t have access. => besoin d’une licence Madmetrics / client de l’agence

How to add the Madmetrics Kpi by Keyade Connector to DataStudio

From Data Studio

In Data Studio, click the « Create » button and select « Data Source ». From there you can search for the Madmetrics KPI by Keyade Connector.


To access your own data, enter your report template token. 

How to get the token?

Create your template in Madmetrics

Generate a token for this template in Template UI

Enter this token to create a new Data Studio Data Source. Then click on Connect.

Set up Metrics in Data Studio

Once you are connected, Data Studio will show you a list of all the fields available from your Madmetrics Account. This includes your Dimensions and Metrics. 

If you find some of the metric names a little long and detailed, you can click on them to edit the name.

Though custom metrics/fields created in Madmetrics are available in Data Studio, you can also use the « + » symbol at the top of the list to create a new field in Data Studio directly. Here’s an example of how you can calculate CPC:

Visualize your data

When you have reviewed the fields, hit « create report » and start adding widgets. As your Madmetrics Account may have a lot of fields, make sure to use the search feature of the « Metric Picker » to find the data you need.

All Madmetrics KPI by Keyade Terms of Use are available here