Programmatic buying
& Real Time Bidding

Performance-oriented digital strategies are essential

The use of programmatic buying is exploding and represents an ever-increasing share of display media purchases. The maturity of the underlying technologies, and the spread of data management platforms make it possible to reach well defined targets effectively and on a large scale, across all devices. Many advertisers have been seduced by the promise of real-time ad generation to personalize their messages and reach each individual at the most propitious time.

Again, data is at the heart of this approach, especially because programmatic buying makes it easy to combine all the relevant data sources:

  • First party: your proprietary CRM data
  • Second party: data related to your customers and prospects coming from partners or from user navigation on your site, used to enrich your proprietary data
  • Third party: ad targeting data purchased from third parties

Keyade works with select technologies, in particular Google’s DoubleClick suite, to fully integrate the data collected via other levers (SEA, YouTube, etc.) and the display targeting data.

What added value does Keyade bring to programmatic media buying?

Efficient planning

We use programmatic buying to reach the right user at the right time in the right context and more importantly pay the right price for the impression. Our programmatic planning is based on our client’s objectives and overlaid with our platform expertise and the data we have at hand.

Programmatic enables us to adjust our planning on the fly: it’s now possible to test multiple strategies, iterate and adjust them in real time. Programmatic buying offers us flexibility, we adopt a customer centric approach fueled by data to reach our advertiser’s objective and we have the flexibility to fine-tune our strategy by testing, iterating and optimizing almost in real time through an iterative process.

Total transparency

We have always looked at our collaboration with advertisers as a partnership. There are no hidden costs, and no margins other than the added value of our brain power. While programmatic buying is an opaque practice at many agencies, we stand by the practice of total transparency. We understand that your trust is not a given. It is earned. And trust is built when you know exactly what service is being rendered for each line item in your invoice.

Digging deeper: DCO technologies

Volume is one of the big advantages of display advertising. Your ads are broadcast across a broad network of websites, to a large audience, at any time and on all types of devices. However, this advantage can also create a major headache for advertisers in terms of creating ad visuals. Dozens of different banner formats, not to mention different languages as well as variations in the brand’s messages depending on the target, force advertisers to generate large numbers of variants for their ads. Continuous management of these campaigns likewise becomes an increasingly complex affair.

Keyade makes this process more efficient by placing an emphasis on programmatic display campaigns using DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) technology.  No more creating multiple ad versions from scratch. Each ad adjusts in real-time based on the size of the available space, the display language, the profile of the online user, etc.