Solutions that boost your media efficiency and make your digital transformation a success

Solutions for your most advanced digital challenges

It’s a pattern we see often: companies who have set their sights digital media performance sooner or later come up against complex challenges while their resources and expertise are not centered on these emerging fields.

At Keyade, we help you better connect your short-term needs to your long-term goals, and we work together with you to make the needed changes. We handle all types of issues related to media activation on all levers.

“Over the last years, Keyade teams have successfully supported our efforts to acculturate our SEA lever internally and have brought the necessary BI and data resources and skills to meet our need to take the data-driven management of our SEA campaigns to the next level.”

Thomas Déjardin, Head of Traffic & Media & CRM at La Redoute

Media Consulting

Digital media offers a vast playground for marketing teams bursting with new ideas. We give wings to your ideas and plans by providing solutions that encompass the full range of digital media issues involved in SEA, SEO and Social Media management, including:

  • Applications
  • Attribution
  • Audiences
  • Automation
  • Drive to store
  • Machine learning
  • Media audits
  • Media creation
  • Media internalization /
    Hybrid management
  • Mobile
  • Product catalog / Data stream
  • SEA brand surveillance

Data Consulting

Data is a highly strategic raw material. Tracking, dashboards, visualization tools, website performance auditing (CRO), are just some of the personalized services we provide to enable you to easily create the data and analytics environment that is essential to your media performance model.

Technical Consulting

Some examples of areas in which we offer support services (this list is not exhaustive!):

Search Ads 360. Used by many companies, this technology suite from Google is powerful but complex. Our team assists you in the configuration and analysis of your data on this platform as well as with setting up new business projects on Search Ads 360.

Product catalog & data streams. Creating, maintaining and activating product data streams takes time, technical expertise, and experience. We help implement and resolve all of your Shopping and Product Stream issues, from the simple to the complex, in order to allow you to seize every e-commerce opportunity without being hindered by an increasing number of technical constraints.

Keyade CSS. In 2018, Keyade became the first French media agency to offer a price comparison service. Today we offer a full selection of listing and support tools designed to meet the needs of any company regardless of product catalog size or media management model (internal or managed by a third-party).

Scoring & profiling. Certain intent signals are not captured by media performance measures. We enable you to more effectively assess the economic potential of your website pages or products by integrating other sources of information such as visitor navigation behavior on your site or by measuring customer value over time.

Digital media training

Keyade has been certified as a Training Entity by the French state since 2017. We offer over 20 training courses, adapted to all levels, to provide companies the keys to comprehending the breadth and depth of the digital and e-commerce landscape.

Our consultants train your teams in four major areas: SEA, SEO, Social Media, and the Google performance measurement tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.).  Our instructors love what they do and deliver training in a way that reflects our values: personal and passionate.